Grain Storage

Grain storage is an issue that every family encounters when beginning to bake freshly ground wheat.  “Where do you keep all your wheat?”  We have searched high and low and have found two solutions which should meet your grain storage needs quite well.

Most grain storage solutions have one problem:  they are all too small.  We have tried multiple storage containers from numerous vendors.  When you try to pour a 50# bag of grain into the container, you always have grain left over.  Who wants to do that?  Not us.  We don’t have time to worry with leftovers in a paper bag that takes up space.

The first solution is a traditional bucket with screw on lid.  However, it holds a 50# bag of grain with room for additional space.


The second solution is a rectangular container with a top which flips up just past midway.  It also holds a 50# bag of grain with extra room.


Both solutions stack well.  The round container has a better airtight seal than the rectangle.  However, the rectangle has a nice size footprint to it and stacks easily.  We recommend the round container for long term storage/stacking and the rectangular container for persons who go through their grain pretty quickly.

The price for the containers is available upon request via the Contact Us link.  If you don’t store that much grain, they also make great pet food containers or storage bins for beans or other items.